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Welcome to It's Only Food!

What is that stuff they gave us at the pantry?  How do we cook it? Does it taste good? How do you store it?

All legitimate questions.  Life throws us curve balls, but we hit them out of the park with a little engenuity and a good aim.  Each week we will unpack our pantry groceries and make meals that you and your family will enjoy and find comforting and satisfying.   

Food pantries help many of us meet the nutritional needs of our families, but if you're given a two pound bag of dates, some bread that you'd never buy, and cans of chicken meat that have a tendency to taste like canned tuna you might be opposed to the weekly or monthly visit simply because the food isn't good and just because the food comes from a pantry doesn't mean it shouldn't be edible.   How do we fix it?  

With some herbs and some spices and some desire to create enjoyable meals for our families we can fix anything.  If we grew up poor, we never knew because of the wonderful ways our mother found to prepare, cook, and store all the wonderful available and seasonal foods she managed to glean from the store shelves or the farmers' markets.  

We will work together to bring you the best recipes and some darn good tries--and most of you will love the food while others may have to acquire a taste for some of the food items.  But after the taste test one thing is certain--you will know what it is, how to cook it, and which way you like it cooked.  Then--share the recipes by spreading the word about the website and don't forget to send your suggestions--when used we will name the dish after you!